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  • 3. Can one get the beans already ground?
    By default they are packed as whole beans. However, we can easily grind them upon request.
  • 4. Where the green beans come from?
    At the moment, all the beans come from Brazil. For the future, we are also thinking of working with coffee beans from other Latin American countries. If you have any suggestion, please write us.
  • 1. When and where are the beans roasted?
    The beans are weekly roasted at our shop in Ried im Innkreis.
  • 5. Are the capsules filled up at the BECO roastery?
    No, once we roast the beans, they are sent to a partner, they fill up the capsules and send them back to us.
  • 7. Are the coffee bags also environmentally friendly?
    Yes, they are also free of aluminium, 100% recyclable paper.
  • 11. Which countries does the BECO ship to?
    Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and Lichtenstein.
  • 6. Are the capsules environmentally friendly?
    Yes, we are proud to offer our capsules free of aluminium, they totally home-compostable.
  • 12. What is the shipping cost?
    For parcels within Austria a rate of €6,00 is charged, free shipping from €50,00 purchase. Other countries to be calculated at checkout.
  • 9. What are the Cafe's opening times?
    - Tuesday – Friday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm - Saturday: 9:30 am – 3:00 pm - Sunday – Monday: Closed
  • 10. Since I make an new order, when I receive the goods?
    All purchases are processed on the same day and the goods are sent by Austrian Post on the following day. Delivery deadline depends on country of destination.
  • 2. How the roast grade looks like?
    For Espresso drinks are normally medium to medium-dark roasting. For filtered coffee, they are medium-light to medium roasting.
  • 13. Can I pick up my order on site?
    Yes, during the checkout one can select that option to pickup the coffee at our Roastery in Ried im Innkreis.
  • 8. Are the coffee beans organic and/or fair-trade certified?
    Not really, even though we sporadically have also organic and/or fair-trade coffee beans among our range, the BECO roastery is yet not certified as neither organic nor fair-trade. Specially regarding fair-trade we have our own way to ensure fair treatment of coffee farmers and all other partners involved in the process.
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